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Who we are: Leather girls Of Color are a group of self-identified Leathergirls. Membership is not limited to sexual orientation/presentation, relationship/dynamic type or status, ability, gender identity, sex, age, or economic status; however, an identification of Leathergirl is Essential. A girl-heart is an individual self-identity. The Leather girls Of Color is a unique and powerful group of individuals. Our solidarity and commonality are found in our understanding that the definition of Leathergirl involves who you are, not just how you play. We honor and follow the leather tenets of honor, respect, loyalty, and transparency.

Our Mission: The Leather girls of Color welcomes you with open arms. We strive and exist to be a beacon of support, education, and siblinghood in the Leather community. LgOC is an educational support group designed to provide educational resources, build friendships, share experiences, discuss issues and network. Including providing service opportunities within the kink, BDSM and Leather communities.

Our Values: Shorthand: Education, Service, Support, Siblinghood, “We desire to create a safe space in the community where those who identify as girls (femme, cis, or non-binary) of color can gather to uplift and support one another; to pool our knowledge and experiences together to distribute amongst each other; to equip ourselves with the tools needed to serve at the right side of our Dominant and/or be at our fullest potential for O/our Community.

Colors: The official LgOC colors are: Black, Brown, Fuschia, and Red.

Ownership: Flag and Logo Ownership: Both the flag and logo are registered and belong to Leather girls Of Color. The flag was designed by House of Ra and created in 2020

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