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The Leather girls Of Color Flag

Designed by Shand Macdonald & Sheneka Soloman
Created by Elias P Fishburne IV of the ILLUMINATI HOUSE OF RA  


This flag was designed and created by leather persons of color specifically for leathergirls of color Representation.  

The stripes are arranged diagonally to symbolize the relation of Dominant (represented by top left corner) and girl (represented by bottom right corner). The heart in the top right corner represents the girls position of service on the right. The brown stripes represents the melanin of the Leather POC girls within the leather community The fuchsia pink color is to represent the girls.

People of Color in the leather & kink community have always existed with little to no representation under fear of exploitation and un-consented fetishization and without positive presentation in publication. Due to current events it’s even more important than ever to show up and show out in a community they have long EXISTED in.

The Original leathergirl flag

" What helped with the beginnings of it was the Leather girl pride flag (pictured left), created by Sheryl D, Mama’s Faery girl."

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