A leathergirl is a specific name for a submissive (s-type) in the Leather Community and falls under the D/S category in BDSM. While similar to other submissive roles, being a girl has its nuances. While other s-types may choose to surrender all to their D-types, a girl has room for negotiations. A girl has allowances to negotiate what powers are exchanged during their leathergirl journey. A girl will learn from their D-type (Dominant, Daddy, Mommy, etc.) throughout their Leather Journey.

The girl may eventually become a Mommy and have Their own (s-Type) girl, or they remain a girl for their entire Leather journey. In the meantime, the girl will learn how to be a Leatherman/Leatherperson. They will learn what their kinks are, how to provide Service, what’s expected of them both while in dynamics and in the leather Community.  While a girl provides service either physically, emotionally, or even in a sexual manner, a girl's input with in this type of D/s dynamics is still of the power exchange with their Dominant D-type. 

So what does a leathergirl do? Like all submissives, a leathergirl provides Service. What that Service entails is different for each leathergirl relationship dynamics. It can span from house cleaning chores, bootblacking shoes and gear, to detailed clerical office work, or simply being a submissive in a kink scene (which can also be rewards for service from their d-types), or all of the above. All or none of these things are available for negotiations and are necessary topics of conversation before exchanging power in that type of D/s Dynamics.
Dynamics do not happen in a day. So knowing all the right things to do or all the expectations in this type of D/s dynamics will be taught over a period of time (trust the process), and as soon as the girl has achieved trust in the beginning levels of Service, the girl will then step up to more advanced level of consistent service, as the girl gains the trust of their D-type . 

​As the results of girl’s tasks get better, the level of Service increases, so do the rewards.

The level of trust given to the leathergirl by their Dominant is a powerful thing and is something that all girls (submissive or not) strive for.

The dynamic between a Dominant and the s-type is one that is more thoroughly negotiated and is agreed on beforehand. In fact, the entire process of establishing a dynamic between a Dominant and most s-types is more formal. The dynamic between the D-type and the girl however, is more organic. As the girl and D-type develop said dynamic, the girl will have revelations of what they are into, and what they are able or unable to do, and how far they are willing to go into the relationship with the D-type. After these realizations, the girl has the privilege to negotiate with their Dominant to what they are able or unable to submit to. Understand that the Dominant will also negotiate as Service is a two way street.

As you take care of Them, They also will take care of you.